I really enjoy cycling, apart from the fact that i keep falling off, mainly when there is no one else around and im decide it's safe to go faster. My bike is an aluminium framed Fausto Coppi, with the basic Shimano Gears, it looks pretty and it's blue.

I did intend to start getting up on Sunday mornings, and start cycling with Cambridge Cycling Club, but im always rowing these days.

This is cool, i want to try this: Booking sessions at national velodrome

Page update 2006 -- My Fausto Coppi bike has been repaired, with nice new gears. I now try to cycle most mornings, since I have given up with rowing for w hile and cyling is fun and probably more time efficient. If I manage to lose the 10 kilos I gained since rowing less and then not atall, I may allow myself to buy a fancy bike. Monoc cycles. I also fancied building a bike for myself after Richard told me about this frame building course. This would not be a cheap way to get a nice bike after cost of gear sets, brakes, seat stem, etc are considered, but it would be good to learn some metal work and welding.

The 2005 Reith lecturer, Lord Broers took as his subject "The Triump of Technology". I was dissapointed that he critised the results of a poll of the most significant technological innovation since 1800. Voting on the final 10 nominations resulted in the bicylce recieving a large majority of the votes (59.4% compared to 7.8% for the transitor). Triumph of Technology Poll.